Project Timeline – 10 and 2, Are You? (3.1)

Course – Digital Monumentality
Instructor – Dr. Justin Hodgson
School – The University of Texas at Austin
Electronic Monument Project TIMELINE

From the time the assignment was assigned to its due date covered just over 2 months. I first introduced the assignment on 3/3/11, and then gave students a week (plus a spring break week) to do some preliminary research and try to determine a topic and some research lines. From that point, the remaining part of the timeline unfolded as follows:

Tuesday 3/22: Topic Discussion/Topic Selection

Thursday 3/24: Studio day (Guided research work, idea generation, and/or technological instruction). [A regular part of my courses include studio days where I provide “on demand” instruction, offering assistance in a variety of ways to small pockets of students who are focused on the same issues or stuck at the same point.]

Tuesday/Thursday 3/29 & 3/31: 1/2 Day Studio Days (“on demand” instruction).

Tuesday/Thursday 4/5 & 4/7: Self-directed work days (No course meetings due to my participation at CCCC).

Tuesday 4/12: Peer review Digital Proposals.

Thursday 4/14: Proposals Due; Studio Day (focusing on building an Electronic Monument).

Tuesday/Thursday 4/19 & 4/21: Studio Day (focusing on the “testimonial” components of the project).

Tuesday 4/26: Studio Day (focusing on the “periphery” component of the project).

Thursday 4/28: Peer Review 1 of Monuments. Assign EM Papers.

Tuesday 5/3: Peer Review 2 of Monuments. Guided work.

Thursday 5/5: Monuments Due. Discuss EM Papers (still in progress).

Saturday 5/14 (final exam date): EM Papers Due.