Project Timeline – The Shadow of Turning (3.1)

Course – Visual Narratives
Instructor – Dr. Fred Johnson
School – Whitworth University


Students complete this project during an intensive January seminar which meets 18 times (including two evening screenings), three hours each time, over the course of 3 and a half weeks. Hannah’s production schedule was quick, as a result, and it went something like this:

January 3. Visual Narratives course begins. Project is introduced, and Hannah’s first thought is to do a visual translation of a song; copyright issues interfere.

January 5 ff. Subject Chosen: Hannah Hall’s “The Shadow of Turning.” Work begins in earnest. Hannah (Charlton) tries out different drawing and narrative styles, and she rules most of them out. She closely reads and experiments with the poem’s different verses, looking for fitting visual representations. Things are pretty volatile: Some versions have God actually appear as a man in a collared shirt, a version has the pictures tell a narrative separate from the poem, and “the shadow” itself takes on many different forms and styles. Theme, style, and general narrative are finally selected.

January 11 ff. Final layout is selected and rough draft begins.

January 14 ff. Penciling for final draft begins.

January 18 ff. Inking of final draft begins.

January 21. Finished products scanned and lightly edited in Photoshop. Text is added using Photoshop.