Course Assignment & Description – Ever After (3.1)

English 4110: Digital Storytelling

University Course Catalog
English 4110: Digital storytelling focuses on analyzing, evaluating, and producing creative works in a digital environment, weaving together images, music, narrative and voice in order to create characters, situations, experiences, and insights.  This is a studio course with class hours divided between lecture/discussion and lab time.


  • To consider and theorize how writing is effected in a digital environment, including how it changes our linear concepts of reading and how it changes the way we approach the writing process.
  • To learn to use software for multimodal and web production.
  • To articulate what constitutes strong digital writing through reading other works and through student-produced work.
  • To produce works of fiction, non-fiction and/or poetry using media and hypertext


Digital Story Project

This project requires the student to complete a 4-5 minute narrative piece (fiction or non-fiction) which makes use of digital images (still or moving), sound, music, and voiceover.  The inspiration for this project comes from the work done by the Center for Digital Storytelling, though it diverges in that it allows for experimentation with genre.