Project Timeline – Loneliness (3.1)

Course – Accelerated Composition
Instructor – Jimmy Butts
School – Clemson University

Multimodal Story Project TIMELINE

The last month of the course was devoted to this video project. The groups began by picking topics and poems in their groups. They were given class time to plan and think about their approach to the assignment and met with the instructor each class during that period. Project storyboards were due after a week and a half so that the approach and organization was clear. Then the students went out and got the shots they’d planned in class. The short poems work well for deciding what may be shown for each line in the poem. The students also review each other’s’ projects in their unfinished stages so that there are no surprises, and that, through editing, the students make their videos even more engaging when we showcase them in a film festival setting on the last day of class.