Project Timeline – Mystory (3.1)

Course – Digital Literacy (renamed by Dr. Holmevik to Electracy)
Instructor – Dr. Jan Holmevik
School – Clemson University

Mystory Project TIMELINE
(provided by Cecelia Jones)

I was enrolled in Digital Literacy in the fall semester of 2010. It was the first semester of my junior year. We, as students in English 478, did not begin our MyStories immediately. We did background reading and research to help establish a foundation for this project we were constructing. I began my MyStory sometime in early October; however, my initial attempts were unsuccessful and completely unfulfilling. I initially tried to plan out what my discourses were going to be, which did not work well for me. To be too planned and organized in regards to the subject matter or substance of the project was defeating the purpose. I was to create MyStory, which needed to be as raw and representative as it could be. When things happened that made me feel strong about something, I videoed the experience on the camera of my phone. A lot of those videos were the ones used in each of my discourses. What was so great about this class is our instructor gave us the creative flexibility to let the evolution of this project happen when it needed to. We had ultimate deadlines that had to be met, but the purpose was not to avoid getting points deducted for being late, but to create some meaningful representation via MyStory. A mass of my work was done over fall and Thanksgiving break in which I went home to gather photographs and video clips for my project. The creation of the videos was an emotionally trying process and one that was done not by excessive plan for execution, but by what flowed and felt right. Because my project was highly emotionally based, it needed to reflect just that. My project was finally completed on the last week of the semester in the fall semester of 2010 after months of letting my life simply happen and trying to capture it as true to its raw state as possible, developing my story into my MyStory.