Course & Assignment Description – Digital Media Proliferation Around the World (4.1)

HU 2642 Introduction to Digital Media (Fall of 2011)

This course provides a survey of the basic principles, practices and implications of digital media communication and production. It will engage digital media tools, techniques and processes through hands-on production, readings, discussion and analysis of contemporary issues. This course will combine the practice of creating digital materials with theoretical and historical discussions. Students will create digital media artifacts that explore issues in electronic literacy through interactive reading projects and interactive media applications.

This assignment will explore the proliferation of mobile technology, Internet connectivity, and computer distribution around the world in a mobile application and mobile website format. For this assignment each student will create a four-page mobile application that explores the proliferation of networks (Internet), computers, and mobile phones in a given time zone. You will be asked to select three locations in the time zone you select and further investigate and present a summary of the Internet connectivity, computer proliferation, and mobile phone distribution at each location.