Course Description & Assignment – S.978 Remix – Safety of the Internet (4.1)

Course Description:

ENG 298: Digital Writing
Writing is no longer simply text on a page. Pens and pencils are no longer our only tools of composition. Words cease to be the only medium we have to express ourselves, make meaning and communicate in what we commonly refer to as writing.

The digital age has transformed what it means to write, what writing looks like, how it functions and is created, and where it is produced, read, shared, distributed and circulated. Technology affords us with multiple modes such as visuals, audio, and music, as well as multiple media such as YouTube and blogs to pick and choose from in an effort to accomplish our communicative goals.

In this class, we will investigate how digital writing is redefining traditional understandings of writing and reading. We will explore how multiple modes work together to create meaning in digital spaces and what particular factors need to be considered when composing in these digital spaces. We will also experiment with various modes and digital tools, and produce our own digital texts with attention to genre, media, purpose and audience.

You do not have to be a technology guru to be in this class, nor should you expect to become one after. As technologies are constantly changing, it is not productive to learn how to master specific technologies. So part of this class will be learning how to learn how to use technologies. (Quite a mouthful, I know!) Yet, with that said,  we will have mini-demonstrations on some software and digital tools that you’ll likely use during the semester such as iMovie and Photoshop.

Most of the assignments take the form of digital writing challenges. As intellectual play is a major component of this class, I offer various challenges for you to engage. The challenges are in the digital genres of comics, remixes and hypertexts. I’ve created pages on this website for each of the major assignments. So venture on over to the ComicRemix, and DIY pages for specific details.

The e-portfolio is the one assignment that requires more than engagement with challenges. The e-portfolio is a semester-long project where you will compile all of the work you’ve done along with reflections over the semester on a blog. Mosey on over to the E-Portfolio page for details and assessment criteria.

Go to the Syllabus page for policies, procedures and grade breakdown. The Calendarpage documents homework assignments for the semester.

Our class YouTube channel is WheatonDigitalWrite. The Remix and DIY assignments will be uploaded here. Our class Tumblr site is Digitizing Texts and Pictures. The blog functions as a repository of articles, videos, and documents related to digital writing. If you come across anything you think would be of interest to the class, please email it to me and I’ll post it to the blog.

ASSIGNMENT Description