Project Timeline – S.978 Remix – Safety of the Internet (4.1)

Monday October 17th:

The class watched Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” and talked about the idea that original content does not exist, but that everything is a “remix” of other content.

Wednesday October 19th:

The class read Bound by Law: Tales from the Public Domain and discussed the idea of remix in class. We also explored the Creative Commons website. As students this is what introduced us to the complicated matter that is Copyright laws.

Monday October 24th:

For class we watch the TED Talk of Larry Lessig TED talk, “Laws That Choke Creativity” and explored the talk in relation to copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

This same day SXEPhil released the video we used in our remix on Youtube. We became more interested in copyright that day as we saw parallels and similarities between Defranco and Lessig’s ideas.

Wednesday October 26th:

In class, we experimented with iMovie (the program we used to create the remix). We also talked with Professor Rodrigue about our idea for the remix, switching our focus from Scott McCloud to S.978.

Saturday October 29th:

We got together outside of class and came up with ideas for the remix.

Wednesday November 2nd:

After we introduced Professor Rodrigue to Phillip DeFranco, we spent the class discussing S.978 and the possible effects it could have on the Internet. The opinions from our classmates helped us decide what to include in the remix.

Saturday November 5th:

We searched online for Youtubers who addressed the S.978 bill. We found several people and made decisions about who to use based on the points we were trying to present.

Saturday November 12th :

We got together after class, organized the clips, chose quotes , and finalized the points we were trying to make.

Sunday November 13th:

We got together outside of class, and created a rough draft of the remix.

Monday November 14th:

Our classmates and professor gave us feedback and revision suggestions in class.

Wednesday November 16th:

We presented the remix in class to the professor and classmates.