Textual Description – S.978 Remix – Safety of the Internet (4.1)

We open with a still shot of a young man named Phillip DeFranco who is wearing a grey shirt and hat sitting directly in front of the camera addressing the his audience. In the background is a living room decorated in a modern style with green and yellow walls. At the bottom of the screen a video caption reads, “SXEPhil @Youtube.com”

He speaks passionately, “We move on to our main story of the day. That is because I want to talk about a new bill in congress S. 978.”

We quickly cut to a bearded man known as DarkSidePhil wearing a black shirt with his own face on it, reading the word “hate.” He is standing in a dark kitchen surrounded by video games and popular culture paraphernalia. He is directly addressing the camera gesturing with his arms as he speaks.

“The bill is S. 978.”

Cuts to an image of Mickey Mouse ears with a “C” inside them. Under the head is an infinity symbol. The whole image has a red forbidden symbol over it. The image quickly transitions to a to a text box that reads: “Bill S. 978. I’m a bill that will totally destroy the internet and will ruin everyone’s life for no good reason. Hahahaha you’re a loser, I win. What are you going to do now? Please, make sure Bill S.978 fails.” The voice of an internet personality Father speaks in a low and powerful voice.

“S. 978”.

We transition to a video of a young man known as OopMyDowns wearing a blue shirt reading the words “Oop My Downs” and a grey sweatshirt. He is wearing a green Irish hat, sitting in front of a black chalkboard. He gesticulates with his arms as he speaks.

“S. 978.”

We transition to an image of a Husky dog puppy with it’s adorable tongue hanging out lying on a pink blanket and an arms reaching out from the camera to pet it. At the bottom of the screen a video caption reads “HuskyStarcraft @youtube.com.” A voice from a professional E-Sports caster known as Husky says:

“A new upcoming law that a lot of people are talking about called the S nine seven eight law or bill or however politics works.”

We cut to an episode from the popular cartoon series South Park. The scene takes place in the interrogation room in a police precinct. The room has green walls with a hanging light and a telephone on the wall. A red-haired detective with a moustache is sitting on the left side of a table facing three kids. The first child, Kenny, is wearing an orange hooded jacket that covers his whole body and that hides his face, the second child, Kyle, is wearing a green hat and a white shirt, the third child, Stan, is wearing a turquoise shirt and a red and blue beanie with a red pompon on the top.

Kyle hesitantly says: “Um sir?”

The detective aggressively interrupts pointing his finger and scaring the children: “Shut up!”

We cut back to DarkSide Phil speaking. At the bottom of the screen a video caption appears reading, “DarkSidePhil @Yotube.com.” He says,

“The bill is intending that they don’t want people streaming TV, movies, that kind of copyrighted content over the Internet”.

Phillip Defranco:

“Will make it a felony to use any copyrighted material in a video online.”


“It is something that is meant to be good, but does have some side effects.”

Phillip DeFranco: As he speaks the video cuts to an image of a black and red logo reading “YouTube” on a white background. It then cuts to a second image of a 90’s computer with a picture of the word “internet” on it captioned over an image of the globe. Yellow and red lights stream from the computer screen.

“Is it something that relates to YouTube and the rest of the Internet.”


“Anyone who streams any gaming whatsoever will be shutdown, I’ll be shutdown, anyone who puts gaming footage on the Internet will be shut down!”

Phillip DeFranco:

“That would be insane!”


“Could prove to be very devastating to the gaming community.”

We now go back to the South Park cartoon. It is a close up on the face of the same detective holding a cigarette. He says, “You think that downloading music for free is not a big deal?” Dramatic music begins to play in the background.

It cuts to the four characters outside the front of a very large and extravagant pink and red mansion surrounded by green grass and mountains behind it. The Detective points at the mansion saying, “This is the home of Lars Ulrich the drummer from Metalica”

The video cuts to the four characters approaching a green bush. At the bottom of the screen a video caption fades into view reading, “SouthPark…obviously.” The detective points and says, “Look there’s Lars now sitting by his pool.” The screen cuts to Lars sitting on a lawn chair weeping into his hands. Around him are statues and behind him is a pool with a waterfall running into it. The image implies that he is very wealthy.

The video pulls back to the four characters in front of the bush with the previous scene in the background. Kyle asks:

“What’s the matter with him”?

The detective responds:

“This month he was hoping to have a gold plated shark tank bar installed right next to the pool. But thanks to people downloading his music for free he must now wait a few months before he can afford it”.


“It just got introduced, I believe in May and it just they just talked about it for the first time on June 20th so it’s not close to being passed yet.”


“And it started to resurface itself again.”


“It seems like they are trying to crack down on people uploading full movies, streaming songs.”


“It’s not changing interactive media.”


“Often you’re listening to Justin Bieber and maybe you’re just doing something, maybe you’re singing along with it.”

OopMyDowns speaks, at the bottom a video caption appears reading, “OopMyDowns shameless plug”

“Use that per, use that person’s material to support their own, uh new product.”


“Basically making it a transformative work.”


“Hey here’s me playing a game with my friends, I’m going to upload it to Youtube”, I don’t think it’s meant to crush that but looking at the wording it seems that it is definitely something that may happen.”

We cut the voice of Larry Lessig speak over a black and white video with a panning camera showing a group of people sitting in rows. The setting reminiscent of a bleak life. The angle switches showing the people watching a large screen with a man’s face on it. It seems to be a propaganda video. It then cuts back to the panning video.

He says, “We made mixed tapes, they remixed music.”


“This is the beginning of the end, fair use a thing of the past and free speech is not far behind it.”


“It’s like all this freedom of information we’ve had all this technological advances we’ve had is gonna go away.”


“The internet can be such a great place for young creators to prosper.”


“Make an educated decision about it.”

We cut to the voice of Father speaking over an image of the black, red, and white YouTube Logo behind metal prison bars:

“They are quantifying views into money.”


“They have ten, ten strikes meaning I could upload nine videos of video game footage and I’m fine, but if I upload a tenth, that’s it I’ve broken the law and I could either get massive fines or I could go to jail.”

Phillip DeFranco: As he speaks the video cuts to an image of a black and white prison corridor.

“That would be considered a felony and you could face up to five years in prison.”

Larry Lessig (TED Talks): We quickly cut to a panning video of an audience. The camera then switches angles showing Larry Lessig, a middle-aged man dressed in grey. He stands on a large stage in front of a white podium. Behind him is a large screen with the word “kids” on it. Under the Screen is the large red logo of “TED” in capital letters.

“It’s the point about how this connects to our kids.”


“Remember when Napster went down, and all the music companies started suing kids just because they could.”


“You see so many young kids making Youtube Videos now.”


“Entire businesses will go out of business.”

The video switches to OopMyDowns talking over an image of the word “Gamespot” that appears in red and yellow. A video caption shows saying “The Gaming Nobodies, yet another shameless plug.” The image changes quickly to a new picture that shows the sun setting behind earth with the logo of MLG or Major League Gaming. The logo is blue and red with white text, and has the white outline of a gaming controller.

You have something like MLG which shows Call of Duty, Halo, and Starcraft in their tournaments you know that they host. They don’t own the rights to Starcraft. Can they still use that?


“With the prevalence of live streaming. So we’re talking your Justin TVs your LiveStream.coms your Ustreams and all that.”

Larry Lessig:

“We watched TV they make TV, it is technology that has made them different.”


“Copyrighted works cannot be publically displayed or performed.”


“Current generation new technologies have come out for us to allow us to create things.”


“The wording of the law itself is kind of dodgy.”


“A lot of our law makers are out of touch with reality out of touch with how the Internet really works, what’s actually on places like YouTube.”


“The congress everything is the old generation.”

South Park:

Dramatic music plays as the detective leads the three kids to an airport. In the background we can see pop-star Brittney Spears getting on her private airplane.

The camera angle changes to show the detective and the kids standing in a line looking at the camera.

“Here’s Britney Spears’ private Jet, notice anything? Britney used to have a Gulf Stream 4, but now she’s had to sell it and get a Gulf Stream 3, because people like you chose to download her music for free”.

The camera angle switches yet again to show Brittney Spears sigh as she goes up the ramp to the airplane.

The camera switches back to the four characters. The detective says:

“The Gulf Stream 3 doesn’t even have a remote control for its surround sound DVD system. Still think downloading music for free is no big deal?”

Kyle answers.

“We didn’t realize what we were doing.”

The Detective responds with:

“That is the folly of man.”


“They are actually looking to completely censor things on the internet.”

The video switches to Larry Lessig talking over a black and white video clip (The clip appears to be from very old footage) that shows the face of a woman. In the background we hear the mechanical clicking of an old projector. The image has the words “Can’t kill” over it. The image splits itself in the middle revealing the face of another woman with the words “Can’t kill” over it as well. The second image folds itself into a third face of a woman and the words “only criminalize” are added to the already existent text.

Music plays as Lessig says: “We can’t kill the instinct the technology produces, we can only criminalize it”.


“(What) They’re doing is a blanket law that is actually going to hinder business.”


“It’s all about money, it’s always about money and it seems that this is going to be the same.”


“Half of Youtube is going to have to be taken down.”

The video now switches to a static picture of pop artist Justin Bieber in an orange prison jumpsuit sitting in a cell with the words “Free Bieber” appearing at the top of the image. The voice of Father says:

“You know, shutdown YouTube, pretty much…”

OopMyDowns replies by saying: “Just completely annihilate it.”


“If you’re into YouTube, this is a big deal.”

The video switches back to Larry Lessig talking over a black and white image of a woman’s head in a triangular shape. The shape fold as if it is a piece of origami (Folding paper) revealing the face of a woman behind bars. The words “can’t stop only drive underground” appear over the images in quick succession Lessig says:

“We can’t stop our kids from using it we can only drive it underground.”


“There is a lot of people who on YouTube have actually made it big singing karaoke, I mean Justin Bieber was one of them.”

Father’s voice talks over the black and red logo of YouTube with the slogan “Broadcast yourself” written in the bottom:

“Protest movement called save Bieber.”

SXEPhil is talking over pictures of Justin Bieber, the first shows the pop-star in a multicolor shirt, the second shows him in an orange prison jumpsuit. The video switches then back to Phillip Defranco talking to the camera.

“Justin Bieber would have been put in jail at the beginning of his career if this law was already in place, and as much as I can joke on Bieber that is insane”!

We cut back to the same clip of the black and white video of the woman behind bars from the previous Lessig quote. The image disappears and switches to a middle aged man standing up. The words, “Can’t make passive” appear over the man. We switch to the picture of the woman as the words “only ‘pirate’” are added. The woman is being folded into an origami vault. The camera pans around the room, showing a new perspective. The perspective changes the appearance of the vault to that of a train in the foreground with a western style desert in the background. The word “good?” appears over the train. The train starts to roll off screen as the words “age of prohibitions” appears on screen. The background splits showing the same desert on the right half. On the left half, we see the middle-aged man from before looking down and lighting a cigarette. The words “live life” quickly appear on the screen and disappear. A paper horse moves in from the right side of the screen. The man looks up in concern at the horse. The words “against the law” appear on the screen. The camera pulls away to show the entire body of the paper horse. In the background is old black and white footage of a man in a trench coat and a fedora approaching a door. On either side of the black and white footage is the same scene of the desert. The horse makes a restless noise as the man opens the door. This whole time Lessig is talking over the clip saying,

“We can’t make our kids passive again we can only make them quote “pirates” and is that good? We live in this weird time this kind of age of prohibitions. Where in many areas of our life we live constantly against the law, ordinary people live life against the law, and that is what we are doing to our kids they live life knowing they live it against the law.”


“In the U.S. government what typically happens is when they try to get a bill passed, all of a sudden someone will try to tack something else onto the bill.”


“If you do not stop them at this first step they will take everything from everyone just because no one stood up.”

South Park:

Dramatic music plays as the detective leads the three kids to the window of Master P. They look inside and see Master P., his wife and son in their living room. Master P. is kneeling on the floor and playing with his son with a basketball, while Master P’s wife is kneeling on the floor and watching them play.

The detective says: “Now look in this window. Here you see the loving family of Master P. Next week is his son’s birthday and all he’s ever wanted is an island in French Polynesia.”

The camera angle switches so that the kids and detective are all facing it. Kyle says: So he’s gonna get it right?

The detective puts his hands on his head as though he is having a vision from the future. He says: “I see an island without an owner. If things keep going the way they are, the child will not get his tropical paradise.”

The camera briefly shows Master P. and his family once more before switching back to the three kids and the detective.

Stan says: “We’re sorry; we’ll never download music for free again”.

The detective says: “Man must learn to think of these horrible outcomes before he acts selfishly or else I fear recording artists will be forever doomed to a life of only semi luxury.”

There is a dramatic musical chime to finish off the scene.

We cut back to the same Lessig clip with the paper horse in the foreground. On the horse an image of the man in the fedora is present. As the word “Corrosive” appears on the screen, the horse makes more restless noises and rears. The horse then runs off screen. In the background, we see the same image of the desert; the horse is now galloping across the foreground to the left as the word “Corrupting” appears. During this time Lessig says,

“That realization is extraordinarily corrosive, extraordinarily corrupting.”

SXEPhil is talking to the camera once more. A video annotation appears reading “Sign the Petition.”

“So what I would beg you to do. Depending on a how many step person you are. One step. Click the link down below to join the petition to say no to this new bill.”


“Just read it. Go check it out guys. See if it’s something you want to get behind to petition.”


“If you are a U.S. Citizen you have the right to help out. You can write your congress person, and explain, and say I don’t believe this bill is correct.”

The video switches to SXEPhil. A new annotation reads “Call your Congressman”

“And maybe contact your congressman.”


“And spread the word. And so please post this video around just so people know about this upcoming bill.”

The video switches to SXEPhil. A new annotation reads “Tell everybody else:”

“Share the petition with your friends.”

We cut to the same Lessig clip with the horse galloping. The screen flashes white and the word “democracy” appears in black. The video switches to a clip of Lessig’s audience. Lessig’s clip ends with a close up of his face as he talks, which then pulls out to show him standing on the TED Talks stage facing his audience. He is saying,

“And in a democracy we ought to be able to do better do better at least for them, if not for opening for business.”

The video switches to Father saying “Bill” before OopMyDowns cuts him off by saying “S. 978” and, finally, a growl ends the video.