Video Description – Editor’s Introduction – Issue 4.1

The video’s still image shows a young woman and man sitting in an office space with light blue walls. A lamp is behind the seated woman. A panel of art is behind the seated man. Both are wearing green shirts and looking at the camera. The man appears to be speaking.

When the video starts, this image disappears. Black turns to white and the words, “The JUMP,” appear from the right corner and glide backwards. The JUMP logo is in italics. The word, “the” is gray. The word, JUMP, in all caps, stands out in red. As the words move backwards, they become bolder and smaller. Once in the middle, the bold, black numbers 4.1, outlined in white appear next to The JUMP. Immediately below, the title of the issue, “Digital Boundaries,” appears (also in bold black font with a white outline.) After a couple seconds, these words are wiped off the screen. The white screen then cuts to a close up of a man in a gray suit and blue shirt. The man is in front of a bookshelf filled with books. As he starts talking, we see the words, “Justin Hodgson, Ph.D., Founding Editor” appear in the bottom left corner.

When he finishes introducing the issue, the screen quickly fades to black then opens on the young woman and man from the video’s still image. The woman signs “Hello.” As she signs, the words, “Rachel Mazique, Managing Editor” and “Steven LeMieux, Managing Editor” appear underneath the image of each person.

After the woman introduces herself in American Sign Language, Steven speaks and introduces himself. They smile as Rachel goes on to introduce the issue. After Rachel introduces the issue, the screen quickly fades to black then shows the same scene as Rachel goes on in sign. Then, Steven speaks. The camera is relatively close on both editors. When their hands go down to their laps, we cannot see them.

After Steven finishes the introduction to the first project, the screen fades to black again then opens as Rachel begins the introduction to the second project. After Steven finishes introducing the second project, the screen fades to black once again, and then quickly opens on the same scene for the introduction to the third project.

Before Steven concludes the introductory video, the screen, once again, fades to black then opens on Steven speaking. At the end of the video, the screen fades to black.