Course Assignment & Project Timeline (5.1)

ENGL 429 Topics in New Media Studies: Multimodal Composition

In this course, students will examine a range of concepts (e.g. multimodality, social semiotics, materiality, mode, design) as well as key scholars and their approaches to multimodal composition. In addition to studying theory, students will learn a variety of open source software for creating thoughtful, multimodal compositions. Materially, students will produce three projects following studies of three modes (image, sound, and video) that reflect their awareness of relationships between material affordances and their composing processes.

Audio Composition Project Assignment PDF

Schedule for Audio Project:

Monday, March 4th:

Soundscapes R. Murray Schafer “The Soundscape” (pdf in Bb)

Wednesday, March 6th:

Soundscapes Barry Blesser & Linda Ruth-Salter

“Ancient Acoustic Spaces” (pdf in Bb)

Friday, March 8th:

Audio Editing Workshop Soundscape Blog Response Due

Monday, March 11-15th:


Monday, March 18th:

Voice, Orality Don Idhe “Voice” (pdf in Bb)

Wednesday, March 20th:

Voice, Orality “The Olive Project” in Kairos (link in Bb)

Blog Response Due

Friday, March 22nd Remixing:

Audio Editing Marshall McLuhan Ch 30 “Radio:

Tribal Drum”; RadioLab Remixed (link in Bb)

Monday, March 25th:

Sound and Copyright Watch Remix (Hulu link in Bb);

Read “Grand Theft Audio” (link in Bb)

Wednesday, March 27th:

Editing Workshop Blog Response Due

Friday, March 29th – Mon, Apr 1st:


Wednesday, April 3rd:

Blog Response Due

Friday, April 5th:

Audio Composition Due;