Transcript – To a Rapper’s Delight: An In Depth Look at the Construction of A Musical Collaboration (5.1)

Performed and Written By: Rick Kumar (Big Love) & Calvin Tiu (Kalvonix)

Track 1 – Multimodal Music

[Intro – Big Love]

Welcome to the most inducive, convoluted, instructive album ever!

We about to take you on a lyrical journey past Wonderland,

Past Neverland, we going to go see Charlotte. You ready?

[Verse 1 – Big Love]

Lyrically didactic, I’m cynically re-enacting the rebirth of literature in rapping
I am acting in the capacity to supply an action to the clause I’m crashing upon the minds of the weak. multimodal composition is the future I seek.
So when you see me you best believe I’m presenting literature in a manner never heard before, Coming up to the door huffing and blowing down the structure we hold so tight.
When you reach further you can further expand your mind. Alice found herself in time and Wilbur gained life in each line
Multimodal collaboration this is the construction of a new nation intent on knowledge by any means necessary, it may vary from pictures to videos, stereos
The future is scary yo if you let it be,
Using rap we can interact with students more readily,
Teach lessons that can be hard to learn like people die or sometimes with good intentions we don’t understand other cultures right.. right.. right..


Write rap record listen. Multimodal composition no there is no competition, rap hit, didactic, educate? Fantastic, and all you English majors gonna love it while we at it

[Verse 2 – Kalvonix]

Ok listen up as I’m writing this on paper, I’m an English major lemme elucidate my flavour.

I rap and I write, and I record so you can listen, this is the epitome of multimodal composition.

Get active with my rappin’, meant for teaching, didactic, I rap for English classes, and you know I’m Makin’ magic. Who said English majors couldn’t evoke fire, rap can be intelligent through this it’s transpired. Write an essay in a day but a verse in a bit, having fun with all my English especially children’s lit. Shrek, the Amazing Bone, Peter ends up all alone, Alice dreamt a fantasy, and Charlotte’s baby’s got the chance to see the light of day, that’s a fact, Al Capone did my shorts but can he write a Rap? Teaching something in a standard way can be a good time, but there should always be room for some music and a rhyme!

[Chorus x2]


Yeah, we gon’ take you… into a fantasy… you know cause rap is getting stale

So, let’s take it to the fairy tale! Ha! Yeah!

Kalvonix! Big Love! Trying to prove to you that rap doesn’t have to always be so negative you know what I’m saying? Yea!

Oh! Alright alright next track, let’s go.

Track 2 – I’ll Grow Up Tomorrow

[Intro – Big Love]

Yo Kalvonix, we need something like you know that song that’s gonna make you wanna shake it, you know get groovy, yo give me something.

[Intro Continued – Kalvonix]

Kalvonix. Big Love. Let’s make this fun man.


Now boy we can’t all live forever, but in life we live till our lives are severed, we gon’ ride together we gon’ die together, never say never, growin’ ups for the better.

[Verse 1 – Kalvonix]

Peter pan young forever,

Afraid to grow up into a man?

Forever a boy, wanna be Peter Pan,

Wanna go to paradise that is Neverland?

You gotta understand there was never such a land.

Peter pan warns you through imagination,

The dangers of living day to day playin’.

A guy can’t fly, but don’t worry Wendy,

There is plenty to life so you won’t feel empty!

You gotta work hard to get far be a star,

Follow your heart that’s a good start.

A kid’s mind is good but only for some time,

If you never grow up you’ll fall behind,

There comes a time where being grown is good,

No longer be chased around by Captain Hook.

At the end of the book Peter Pan is alone,

That is because he refused to grow!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 – Big Love]

Tinkerbell come tither I wonder whether I can live with her or without her
I’m a child at heart a jump start grown up, But I never grown up I had no guidance I wanna be a kid forever,
Live in a land together, in Neverland forever.
No father cool, no mother even better,
Chilling with the Captain Hook and the Lost Boys come on Lost Boys make some lost noise
Make some noise if you don’t want to grow up
Make some noise if you don’t want broccoli to eat your vegetables or go to sleep
I’m stay up eat cookies and pray Santa my soul to keep, should I pass away in my sleep
It’s a big adventure and if I fall I’ll fake it and if I make it don’t worry, I died according to plan even Peter Pan will die the death of a man!

[Chorus x4]

Track 3 – Fast Times of a Tweaked Mind (Based off of Katherine Holubitsky’s novel Tweaked)

[Verse 1 – Kalvonix as Gordie]

Hello my name is Gordie, let me tell you a story

About my older brother Chase who lost all his former glory

He used to be a young boy filled with potential big dreams

Building life size tipis, destroying trees in the ravine

I never thought in my whole life that he would be the single man

Who can go quick from good to damned and slowly destroy the fam

But man, he smoking crystal meth, slowly building to his death,

He needs money every single sec for the next hit for that single breath.

My dad gotta sell the house now, mother has me to blame,

He went from a normal brother to a creature inhumane.

Inhumane enough to put a father in a coma, when he comes to brag about his drugs I could smell the aroma of death,

And toxic things coming from his broken face,

Opens scars picking at them but still smoking every day.

Deep down I love my brother but I know that it’s a fact,

He ain’t my brother no more Chase died awhile back

Way before he came to me asking for money at my work,

He was beaten he was hurt, like somehow lower than dirt

And now that he’s gone I really hate crystal meth

I just wish his friend Ryan the very very best

[Chorus x2]

There’s a new day tomorrow every time you go to sleep,

Partying with friends is good but please do not be weak,

Smoke drugs, have no love as you starving in the streets,

Your family weeps as you seek meth, you are tweaked.

[Verse 2 – Big Love as Chase]

Hello my name is Chase let me explain my case in the twisted scheme of things,
See there was a ring, a chair, a car, stuffed bear, a guitar I pawned that too,

If there was money in it I’d even sell you
There isn’t a reason why I’m craving or using crack or why it took my mind back

To a time where life was right
It was the addiction that helped me sleep at night

People changed and life rearranged I guess it was the way things had to go

Cause the worst thing about life is you can’t live it twice
So when I hit that ice it was a new form of life

far nicer and wiser I didn’t think I’d be a liar or crook
There isn’t a book to explain my story I can’t cook

Up an explanation of why I did what I did, said what I said or the way I lived
Love to be loved but I loved my drug and it loved me back
My name’s Chase and this is my story So when I’m on the other side, don’t forget my glory

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 – Kalvonix as Chase, Big Love as Methamphetamine]


Open my eyes to meth, wakin’ up and meth in bed

Its death involved with meth that’s all rockin’ in my head

I know I’ve made mistakes and my life has gone to shit

But the voice inside my head is forcing me to take a hit


Come on take a hit what’s the risk, don’t be such a kid

Isn’t this cooler than anything you ever did?


Yes it is… I mean no, it isn’t! I want it to stop!


I can free your mind and soul isn’t that the goal?

What do you need, I got it all that’s why you come to me.

But this isn’t what I ever wanted to be!

And look! I broke the whole damn family!

And the police got prison cell planned for me!


Yeah that may be true
But what can you do
What’s gods plan for you
He wants you to do
What you go to do
So come on take a hit and play the part of the fool


I don’t wanna be the fool! I don’t wanna be the fool!

I wanna be the bigger brother! Yeah, A real brother!

I wanna take Gordie to the fair and chill in the summer!

I wanna stop taking so much money from my mother,

And I want a real girl not a drug for a lover


I get it. You don’t need to rob your mother no more,

Around the corner there’s a liquor store.

And that part about your brother’s real sweet,

You can spend time together shooting speed. Yeah!

See you can have it all and still have a life just get your family loving ice.

I’m really nice once you try and get to know me so don’t try and leave I’m really fun

Heck Chase, we’re practically one!

[KV & BL]

C’mon I cud be your buddy or I cud be your lover

In life and in death we will always have each other

Your brain and your heart I will leave you fried

You’ll see me as you die right before you close your eyes

[Outro – Kalvonix as Methamphetamine]

My name is crystal meth, and I’m going to take all the control away,

As you slowly deteriorate to a slow death…ha…yeah
Track 4 – No Tears

[Verse 1 – Kalvonix]

Wilbur’s got to grow up or live life in darkness,

He ain’t always gonna have his best friend Charlotte, so when it’s time for her death,

Something he didn’t expect, it’s up to him to take care of himself and make it!

Life rolls on even after someone dies so yes you could cry but not for the rest of your life,

So, dry your eyes stop living a lie start living your life, I know life’s a strife

Despite drugs getting your heart to race, some people die from drugs,

Look what happened to Chase. Or how about a child and mom living life together,

Even when she dies she still loves him forever or a dad and a son severed,

Scar killed Mufasa, gotta keep your head up homie, watch your posture,

As you can see children entertainment tells of death to show the

Child there’s no need to fret and just accept death.

[Chorus x2]

Read to your child right before bed, you got a tale warning children of the life ahead,

Life is a cycle that’s what the book said. One day living, one day dead.

[Verse 2 – Big Love]

Slip, trip, and fall away Wonderland has no gates
Enter any day, enter any way
Take a journey into the great beyond snuff a candle out and

Dance to the song, it’s scary if you let it be wrong.
We all die one day and when you let it hold you back

Let it hold your mind you can’t live your life

So when the night grows cold remember it’s the circle of life, Hakuna Matata

Simba lost his father. Wilbur lost his friend and Gordie lost his brother.

Even good men have to go we try to remind each other
We tell children these messages in subtle ways to show them it’s alright

That they shouldn’t be scared any given day
Death sucks it’s a twisted little thing that gives one heck of a sting
Time, love, and care can fix everything that matters if you rather live life

By one line, then it ought to be that all things have their own time.

[Chorus x4]
Track 5 – Are You There

[Verse – Kalvonix]

Why do people think that we’re so tall?

Cause space and planets show that we’re so small.

We question is there really a God? And is life bullshit, are we living frauds?

Why do people hate if we put this in question,

We mention doubt and in a second get threatened.

I ain’t hesitant, what is life’s benefit?

Are we taught meaning, what do we do with it?

[Chorus – Big Love]

God, are you there?

Sometimes I don’t know and I get scared.

[Verse 2 – Kalvonix]

Why do people think that we’re so tall?

Cause space and planets show that we’re so small

[Chorus x2]

Track 6 – What I Read and How I Made a Song (Based on Judy Blundell’s What I Saw and How I Lied]

[Verse 1 – Kalvonix as Evie]

My mother is so beautiful the way she looks and dresses,

I wanna look as pretty that idea is embedded in my head,

On my mind so I will never forget it, on a trip to Palm Beach that is where we are headed.

Stepdad Joe wants to take us really far, coincidently Peter Coleridge is there also from the war.

The way he calls me pussycat instead of my name Evie,

The way he won me over and my mother, he deceived me.

I’m only fifteen but I swear he has my heart, the way he kissed my lips I felt like a movie star

I just want to feel his arms, he will do me no harm he makes me feel warm,

Not a kid, Fern at the barn.

I’m fifteen but I swear my life has been long, I swear the child in me has come but now she’s gone,

Peter and Evie that’s my life my song, only now I feel I’ve measured up to the beauty of my mom


Oh, yeah, I wanna be the focus (I just wanna be a movie star)

Yeah, oh, and I want everyone to notice (I just wanna be a movie star)

[Verse 2 – Kalvonix Cont’d]

I steal my mom’s dresses so that I could look fancy,

I wanna be grown up not smoke fake cigarette candy,

Margie said at sixteen she will smoke and be grown

But she didn’t kiss a grown man on her own at his home.

All alone, that’s what I thought but then my mother was there,

And I learned my mom’s affairs it was always right there.

I was too blind to find she was also in love with peter,

I just wish that I could leave her I really didn’t need her. I’m the one for peter,

But I guess he thought nope… and then he mysteriously died on a boat with mom and Joe,

Did he really love me? I guess I’ll never know I swear on all my life that I loved him though.

Now I lay in bed, eyes closed in the room smellin’ that smell of my mom’s perfume,

What I saw and how I life I wish I knew the truth sooner, this is the life of Miss Evelyn Spooner.


[Outro – Kalvonix]

Yeah, oh, I wanna be a movie star, I want to shoot for the stars,

I want to go very far, and follow my heart,

I may be young, but I’m not dumb no, I am the one, I am the one, I am the one, yeah
Track 7 – Two Percent

[Verse 1 – Kalvonix]

Man I hate school, it’s so hard to be so cool when everybody else blends in no presence,

No other essence the queen and the peasants. Smoke and mirrors cause you’re judged by your peers, gotta find good friends throughout your 5 years, bullied or depressed girls shed tears,

Boys try so hard to look tough, drink beers! Peers are bitter, Skim loves Wicca,

Absorbed in her own world see things clearer!

Knows Lisa’s changing, all her features, has some feelings for her teacher,

Mrs. Archer made a departure, witches, depression, skim gets darker.

You can’t just be seen normally, struggling with conformity. Skim can’t say that she is gay,

Wants all the negative shit to go away, this is just the life in the day of a high school student,

It can ruin, everything, anything, people can be anything, but how can you be anything with young judging human teens? You can’t just follow a dream,

Or beam bullies out the way they so mean, Sometimes it seems your

Deemed to be doomed, when so many intruding thoughts in the room,

A jock killed himself who cares says Skim? Maybe she is just depressed like him.

In high school you can commit great sin, it’s all about growing up in high school man

[Chorus – Featuring Shafiyah Khan]

Ooh, this is not cool, please get me out of high school, get me out of high school yeah

I hide who I am and try to speak softly

But I feel you all a thousand eyes on me

I hate my life, my heart, myself, and my school

I would do anything to get me out of high school

Get me out of high school

[Verse 2 – Big Love]

Fresh start to the fire inside of a heart, love for a teacher I wonder how far I can get with this, maybe just… Can I get a kiss or maybe I’ll just join her for a smoke

My presence evokes the worst notions in these Chick-fil-A tricks, homophobic, witch.
Yes I’m a Wiccan I’m not wicked I ain’t sick or dipping in black magic so why you acting tragic,

I just want to live my life I ain’t even mad kid
High school is five years of my life and it’s my choice how I live these years right?
Answer that, you seem like you got all the answers are you the Cat in the Hat?
I have a teacher and it just so happens she’s the same gender as me,

Can you understand the tortured mind of an unsure teen?

I’m not gay nor am I straight my cards are confused isn’t that okay? Please tell me that’s okay.

Today I very much want to be me, why is it so hard to see through the murky lakes of my mind

And as time draws thin I feel a whim maybe I’ll just be Skim,

Maybe I’ll just be Skim, yo I think I’ll just be Skim

Track 8 – Nothing Gold Can Stay

[Verse 1 – Big Love]

I’ve stepped into some big shoes size fifteens to be exact,

As I walk and act talk and face the fact I’m no longer a kid change did this to me,

But what if I had not been giving the chance to succeed.

Mama read to me when I was a young buck, no friends I guess I was out of luck
Books kept me company I found a hero in between the lines,

And I stayed up well past my bedtime reading pretending to be the characters I imagined
I escaped with the Captain I fought on ships, I sat with Peter and Wendy

Talked to the Amazing Bone and kept Shrek from being all alone
I’ve lived a tough life truths and lies fast times of a kid thrown ahead of his time
I close my eyes and imagine a place where time and space came to erase
All the worries in the life of a young boy from Surrey


Change! It happens every day,

Change! It happens every way,

But when you write it’s forever printed on the page,

Books are forever there is never no change.

[Verse 2 – Kalvonix]

I learned really young that words speak the truth, when my mom brought me home books, Dr. Suess, Cat in the hat, learned to rhyme, now I rap, that’s that, now books I never lack, in fact Everything seems to change except the books you have,

Stories make you laugh or stories make you sad if you don’t like words,

Faces can prove truest, graphic novels like Skim, just skim through it!

Facial expressions can teach you lessons, or easy stories to read written to perfection.

If you love monsters just follow your heart, follow Max to where the wild things are.

Books are like music you write how you feel, or you can write Tuesday, flyin’ frogs unreal, you can write Anywhere everywhere on your own just make sure your there when Smudge Comes Home.

[Chorus x2]

[Outro – Kalvonix]

Yeah, never no change, there is never no change, never no change, never no change, yeah

[Chorus x4]

[Outro – Kalvonix Cont’d]

Never no change, Kalvonix, Big Love, yeah, never no change, never no change, never no change, oh

[Outro –Big Love]
They say change comes like a whirlwind,
It surrounds you with such power,
Such potential,
We can become anyone,
We can become anything,
Life is too short to stay the same,
Sometimes it’s best to change.