Course Assignment & Project Timeline – Cyber Bullying (5.2)

Issues in Composition, 3360, English

Multi-Modal Essay/Reflective Essay

In a small group, you will compose a multimodal essay. The essay must use video in some way. The topic is open but should center around issues in composition we discuss in class, through short stories, and or write about in blogs.

The second part of the assignment includes writing a two-page essay detailing what you did, why, and what you learned.

by Elizabeth Meyer and Rachel Hall

Cyber Bullying Timeline

Our original idea was to look further into the violence in video games, but once we did a bit of research we found that this topic would be too broad for one website. We then switched our idea to cyber bullying because we feel it is an important issue that children today are facing.

We started by creating a basic outline of our website and decided our main audience would be parents and teachers. After, we did research to find other websites similar to ours. This research helped us see how we could make our website stand out, and what information would be vital for parents and teachers. The format of the website was designed to capture the audience’s attention with our initial video on the home page and with the stories page. had a large variety of outlines and ways that you can personalize your website, so we chose it to create the anti-cyber bullying website.

We created the stories page first. After researching 3 children who had committed suicide because of cyber bullying we inserted a slideshow of their pictures. Each of their pictures corresponded to their websites or foundations.

Next, we created an interactive info graphic for our statistics page. This was the hardest part of the project because neither one of us had created something like this before. It took almost 4 hours to complete and look the way we wanted it to. The main problems we faced were getting the graphs to look correct and having everything in the right order. Once it was finished, we took the HTML code and posted it into our website’s coding.

Once we finished doing our research we started on the parents and teachers pages. We took the information from our research and condensed it to inform parents and teachers how they can notice cyber bullying and stop or prevent it.

Lastly, we filmed and edited our video. Filming was done in a few hours on the Texas Tech campus. The editing spanned over 3 nights. After cutting down the clips and organizing them we found royalty free music on These songs had words in them so we had to edit around them. Next, we made some of the statistics into graphics to paste into the video. We created these using Microsoft Excel and edited them with GIMP. Once the graphics were in, Rachel recorded her voice to match them. The video was then uploaded to and inserted into out website.

Timeline of Revisions

The website was the first thing we revised. We started by strengthening our sources by creating a new page dedicated just to them. The page has some information about each source and a link to the webpage. Then we used superscripts to document which sources were used on the other pages on our website. We gave the school programs their own individual page to show distinction.

Next, we focused on the overall argument of our website to protect children from cyber bullying. We added an introduction on the home page and more detail to many of the other pages, especially the stories page. For the stories page we added more information about each of the children we had chosen to highlight and we received permission from all of their parents to include them on our website.

On the teacher’s page, we created an additional section about handouts that teachers could utilize themselves or with students and parents they are involved with. We added these to make the website more usable and interactive.

For the video we lengthened the end credits and made the music a bit more cohesive. We added captions for the video to increase the ease of the viewing. The caption on was also lengthened to give more information about our website and the sources we used.