Textual Description – Cyber Bullying (5.2)

Descriptions by Elizabeth Meyer and Rachel Hall

Page backgrounds all consist of crinkled paper behind the content and there is a gray, see-through header with a menu with white lettering that turn green when you are on that corresponding page. There is a drop down menu for Teachers and Sources.

Home Page

Large green lettering that says “cyber bullying” with two black bars on the top and bottom to frame it. Below the title is a video described here:


[0:00] girl in black hoodie sits on a bench with head down at night; camera zooms in

[0:10] the girl walks across bridge slowly in the shadows

[0:11] text: fifty percent of cyber bullies report doing it just for fun

[0:18] the girl walks down a breezeway away from the camera, with her head down

[0:22] text: seventy-five percent of teens have visited a website bashing another student

[0:28] close up of the girl’s feet walking

[0:29] text: ninety percent of teens who have seen cyber bullying just ignore it

[0:38] the girl sits in a parking lot at night on the ground with her head in her hands

[0:39] text: bullying has been linked to seventy-five percent of school shootings

[0:44] the girl walks through a grassy area away form the camera with streetlights in the distance

[0:45] text: bullying victims are two to nine times more likely to consider committing suicide

[0:54] the girl sits on a brick step and takes her cell phone from her pocket to look at text messages; camera fades to black

[0:56] text: nearly forty three percent of teens have been cyber bullied

[0:59] text: 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once

[1:09] the girl sits on the railing of a balcony on a tall building; she looks at cell phone

[1:12] text: only ten percent of teens will inform a parent or teacher about their abuse

[1:20] camera cuts to the girl standing on the railing; she looks at her phone again and then places it down on the railing; she scoots out farther on the railing to the right; camera fades to black

[1:49] the empty railing is shown

[1:52] there is a close up on the phone left on the railing; the phone turns off

[2:01] text on black screen: What can you do as a parent or teacher to change this?

[2:07] text on black screen: Visit our website to start making a difference: deviser.wix.com/stop-cyberbullying

[2:15] text on black screen: Credits

[2:17] text: Elizabeth Meyer

[2:19] text: Rachel Hall

[2:21] scrolling text: Special Thanks to

Music Subconcious- LTR

Blue- Nuck Chorris

1. http://antibullyingsoftware.com

2. http://www.dosomething.org/

3. http://www.makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org

Stories Page

This page has a scrolling picture box cycling through three pictures: two females and one male. These are the pictures of the three cyber bullying victims we chose to represent on our web site. The first picture shows Amanda Todd, a young teenager with long brown hair parted to the side, brown eyes, and thick black eyeliner. She has a black lace shirt on and is standing in front of a tan wall. The next picture is of Megan Meier, a young teenager with short brown hair, blue eyes, and braces. She is standing in front of an open closet with clothes and hangers inside. The last picture is of Ryan Halligan, a bright-eyed young boy with short brown hair. He is sitting on a brown chair with red backing.

Statistics Page

This page has an interactive infographic, which is tan, green, and dark brown. The infographic has a mixture of text and visual representations of statistics. The title “Statistics about Cyber Bullying” is in a green box with white text. The first statistic is represented by green and white stick figures. The green stick figures represent the “42% of teens that have experienced some form of cyber bullying.” Then next statistic is text-only reading, “20% of cyber bully victims seriously consider suicide and are twice as likely to attempt suicide compared to non-cyber bullied teens.” The next statistics are represented by a pie chart with 3 different sized portions that are white, green, and dark brown. The white piece represents, “13% of teens have been nervous to go to school because of bullying.” The green piece represents the “39% of social network users that have been cyber bullying in some way. The last section represents the “20% of teens that say people are mostly unkind on social networks.” The next statistic is represented by green and dark brown stick figures with the green stick figures showing “88% of teens have witnessed mean or cruel behavior online.” The next statistic is text only and reads, “13% of teens say someone has sent a threatening or aggressive message to them.” The last statistic is represented by green and white stick figures showing, “13% of teens have seen a rumor about them online.”

Handouts Page

A list of handouts that can help teachers, parents, and students is provided. There is a thumbnail picture of each handout on the left and a description of each to the right.

Sources Page

A list of the sources used for the information provided in the website are provided in two columns. Each source used has a thumbnail picture of the website’s logo with their name to the right. Below that is a brief description of each website.

Programs Page

A list of the programs designed to help teachers that were mentioned on the Teachers page are provided in two columns. Each source has a thumbnail picture of the website’s logo with their name to the right. Below that is a brief description of each website.