Student Reflection – Identity and Civility on the Internet (7.1)

By Justin Hodgson

Heather Harlow’s project was the last project accepted for publication before TheJUMP began its transition to TheJUMP+. The result was that it was over two years from the time we accepted Ms. Harlow’s project until the time it was published. As a result, there was simply too much distance between the time she completed the project for Professor Jones’ class and our official request for all the materials for Ms. Harlow to provide a genuine student reflection (like in most of our projects). As such, we do not currently have a student reflection for this piece. However, we are in discussions with Ms. Harlow about offering a different kind of reflection that might fit here. But in there interim, I felt it important to include at least some official statement on our behalf as the student reflection is a staple of the materials we include with each project.