Accessibility Statement – Semiotic Domains (7.1)

Video games, in general, present a challenge in relation to constructing accessibility materials, particularly if the accessibility elements are not part of the game design/construction itself. But despite that reality, we normally attempt to provide a kind of description of the game play as at least a general guide. However, this particular video game presents an altogether difficult challenge as it brings together visual, auditory, and cognitive elements that are connected directly to the mobility (and interaction) of the player-character in the game–a series of actions/movements that are not scripted but rather open to choice and preference. As such, we feel our usual approaches would simply be limited and most likely misleading of the project. Therefore, we do not at this time have an acceptable set of accessibility materials for this project. Of course, we recognize the importance of accessibility materials, and this particular issue is something we will be working to better address as we move forward.