Text-based Description of Visuals – It Helps to be in on the Joke (8.2)

Fig. 1 – The title overlays this image of ducks wandering around the grassy banks of a pond in a park. In the foreground there is a wooden white duck looking left.

Fig. 2 – Screenshot of A Duck Has an Adventure. The background is yellow with seven squares in varying shades of red. Inside of the squares are the events taking place in the duck characters life. These squares depict the duck graduating from college and selecting a career path.

Fig. 3 –The 1970s edition of the game of Life in a white box with part of the game board showing. The game is next to some wood paneling, slightly hanging over the edge of a wooden shelf.

Fig. 4 – Four panels of the comic strip Peanuts. In the first panel Snoopy is lugging a heavy suitcase, in the next panel Snoopy starts pushing the heavy suitcase, in the third panel Snoopy opens the suitcase next to his doghouse. It appears the suitcase contained a typewriter and in final panel Snoopy is sitting on top of his doghouse typing the words “It was a dark and stormy night.”

Fig. 5 – The opening screenshot of A Duck Has An Adventure. There is a yellow background with maroon lettering and images. At the top center of the page in a large font is the title A Duck Has An Adventure. Under the title in a smaller font is the creator information “By Daniel Merlin Goodbrey” followed by a shadow image of the duck character in a square. Additionally the image contains information on how to play the game and different accomplishments that can be obtained.

Fig. 6 – A close-up of the previous image with an additional square panel that appears to the right of the initial duck image and contains the words “A Duck.”

Fig. 7 – A continuation of the previous image with an additional square panel on the right that zooms in on the duck character and “Wants:” appears above his head.

Fig. 8. – Four new squares are added in this screenshot. The duck to the right of the previous image says “Quack!” There is a box above the quacking duck that says “A Simple Life,” a box to the right that says “An Education,” and one box below the duck containing the words “High Adventure.”

Fig. 9 – The cover of choose your own adventure book 138, Dinosaur Island by Edward Packard. A red T-Rex is battling a green Triceratops, in the distance pterodactyls are flying next to a volcano. In the foreground a Caucasian boy with dirty blond hair, a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans and white high-top sneakers is peering through tall green and yellow grass at the battling dinosaurs.

Fig. 10 – Screenshot depicting the duck getting back together with his first love. The achievement “Love’s Labour’s Won: If At First You Don’t Succeed” appears at the top of the screen.

Fig. 11 – Screenshot of the game highlighting the use of words to indicate sounds similar to comic book action. There is a fight between the duck characters from two different timelines which results in a bright red square that shows a pirate hat and fedora circling around the word “Boom.”

Fig. 12 – Screenshot of a sailboat approaching an island with a cat head at the center. In two of the panels the words “A Hive of Scum and Villainy” and “And Kittens” appear.

Fig. 13 – Screenshot of a series of panel in which the duck character is living it up with a giant seaplane. The achievement “Spruced up Goose: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” is located at the center of the image.

Fig. 14 – Screenshot of the duck character travelling through time in a series of panels with the achievement “The Leap Home: Oh Boy!” appearing at the bottom of the image.

Fig. 15 – Cover of the book Quantum Leap: Carny Knowledge by Ashley McConnell. The characters Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci, portrayed in the series by Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, are at the center of the cover. Sam is dressed in a black leather jacket with red lining and Al is dressed in a black pinstripe jacket with a light purple shirt and black tie with a colorful fractal design. Al is holding a lit cigar in his left hand which is also adorned with a ring and a black analog watch. Both characters are exhibiting a slight smirk and the background is mostly blue with a few stars and white burst of light coming from directly behind them.

Fig. 16 – A stuffed yellow duck and Siamese cat in an open brown leather suitcase in a grassy area.

Fig. 17 – A screenshot of “A Duck Has An Adventure” once all paths have been explored.