Project Timeline – It Helps to be in on the Joke (8.2)

This Adobe Spark project was the final project for the second unit of a course taught by three instructors. The preceding unit involved textual analysis and the subsequent unit involved converting the culminating project from the first or second unit into a video using Adobe Premiere.

The second unit, taught by Dr. Lillvis, focused on agency and using media specific analysis to engage with digital born texts. We worked with several pieces of e-lit including A Dark Room and Shelley Jackson’s my body – a Wunderkammer to explore agency by using media specific analysis. After spending some time exploring the assigned texts, we were tasked exploring agency in a e-lit text of our choice, I selected A Duck Has An Adventure by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. Building on the media specific analysis tools used in previous assignments, I played through the story and made note of how my sense of agency impacted my interaction with the game. I played through until I found each possible ending, unlocked every achievement, and obtained all of the hats.

I reviewed course readings by Dene Grigar and Katherine Hayles to supplement my findings and after playing through the game three times, I gathered my observations and began writing my essay. I used several screenshots I took from the game and found fun visuals from the stock photo search on the Adobe Spark website. I messed around with the different visual options for the Adobe Spark essay until I felt the words and images appropriately complimented on another. After this assignment was completed I used this project for the third unit to create a video essay.