Text-Based Description of Visuals-Le Processus D’Ecriture (8.2)

The title “Le Processus D’écriture” appears on the screen. It slowly fades to black.

The scene opens with a close up of a man’s face with his head on his pillow. He slowly opens his eyes as he wakes up. Quick strumming of acoustic guitars fade in and get gradually louder.

The scene cuts quickly to black. The music decrescendos into a pause.

Strumming picks up again. Scene cuts to a wide angle of a gymnasium. The silhouette of the man is seen running past large windows that surround the track. He passes from right to left and disappears off-screen, leaving a still scene of the gym.

Sharp cut to black: Strumming decrescendos again, but a bass or cello plays a somber melody.

Strumming continues once again. The scene cuts to a close-up of the man in the shower. He is washing his hair.

Cut to black. This one is longer this time. Another acoustic guitar begins to play a melody.

Cut to the man rubbing pomade in between his hands, then running it through his hair. The lead guitar continues to play a gentle melody, now accompanied by the other string instruments.

Cut to black. Music continues.

Direct close up on the man’s face as he shaves. He finishes and stairs directly into the camera for a second.

Cut to black. Lead guitar plays the first bar of the main melody.

The cello holds out long bass notes as he supports the guitar. A French press coffee maker is seen from directly above as ground coffee is poured into it from a cylindrical container.

A side view of the French press is presented. The water level rises as hot water is poured into the clear glass of the coffee maker.

A top view of a white ceramic coffee mug is presented while steaming hot coffee is poured into it.

Cut to black. Plucked high strings mimic the melody, but with an anxious energy.

A close up of a closet is shown. An arm reaches into the scene and pulls out a white button-up shirt. Cello and acoustic guitar continue.

View of an empty desk. Another stringed instrument, perhaps a violin, sings a solo in a high pitch over top of the melody. The man places his coffee cup, then his laptop. He opens the laptop.

The man hesitates, then with a precise, almost robotic movement, turns the mug slightly.

An overhead view of the laptop keyboard. Both hands are typing.

A close up of the man’s face. He is uninterested. His eyes slowly move from the left to right as he reads the computer screen.

An overhead view of the man’s hand on his mouse. He makes an exaggerated click.

A close up of the man’s face as he takes a sip from his mug of coffee. His eyes dart sideways and his eyebrows shoot upward in interest.

The solo stops. The strings play the melody a bit faster, and much more staccato. An overhead view of a small notebook is seen.

Cut to black in time with the music.

The man’s hands start to open the book. The scene cuts to black

The book is laid out flat. There is some writing in it, but the screen cuts to black.

A close up on the man’s face. He raises one eyebrow quizzically as a single stringed instrument plays descending notes. Another harsh cut to black.

The text in the notebook is zoomed in. We can briefly read the circled sentence “paper due at 5pm!!” before the scene cuts to black again.

The man’s eyebrows are furrowed and he moves his eyes back and forth in a panic as he reads the writing he placed before him

The camera pans onto a phone displaying the time as 3:27pm. The music stops.

Music enters again. This time at a much faster pace. The scenes cut quickly back and forth between the man’s frantic typing and the worried expression on his face.

His hand is seen picking up the full cup of coffee and taking it off screen. The cup renters almost immediately but it is empty.

Scenes jump quickly back and forth between the keyboard and the man’s face. He types frantically, rubs his face with his hands, rapidly slaps the keyboard repeatedly with his open hands, then shakes his head and hits the delete key. He continues typing frantically, rubbing the bridge of his nose in disappointment, and holds down the delete key. This happens over and over, each time he hits the delete key with more force

The melody re-enters, but this time at a much faster tempo than in the beginning. The man clicks and drags his mouse across the desk. The man screams, then slams the delete key repeatedly with both index fingers.

The man turn his head quickly to his right.

The camera zooms into the phone, now displaying the time at 4:02. The band plays a unison down beat, with a single stringed instrument playing descending notes.

The man’s eyes dart quickly back and forth from left to right.

The man beats both fists on the desk and slams his laptop shut. The scene cuts to a door being shut. The man can be seen briefly before the door closes. Scene cuts to black as the music slows back down.

Scene opens on a long path surrounded by tall trees. The quick guitar strumming from the beginning of the video can be heard again. The man jogs in from the left. For the first time, we can see his entire body. He stops in the middle of the frame and looks away from the camera and down the path.

The scene changes to a bench in front of a retaining wall. The man enters from the left and sits down. As he sits, the frame cuts to a close up of his face. He releases a deep sigh.

Scenes cut between still shots of the expansive garden. Wind blows the leaves surround a covered deck with stone columns. The trees sway gently from side to side. A fountain shoots misty water in the air from the middle of a pond. The music cuts to the man sitting still on the bench, looking down slightly.

A close up on the man’s face is shown. He knits his eyebrows and looks slowly upward as if he’s realized something. The music stops and the scene cuts to black. A lone cello plays briefly.

The scene cuts back to the fans face, who shrugs and begins to stand. The band starts to play the melody again a slower, but gradually increasing tempo.

The scene cuts to black mechanically with the music.

The man continues to get up and then runs off the screen back in the direction he came from.

The scene cuts to black

The scene cuts back to the path. The man runs across the screen.

The man reenters through the door he left early. Cuts to black interest scenes in pace with the increasing tempo.

The man lays a different notebook down on his desk with one confident movement. The page it is opened to is titles “Outline”

The man begins writing, quickly beginning to fill up the page. He picks up his empty coffee cup and shakes it upside down before setting it back down.

Music continues to speed up. The French press is back on the desk. The man pushes the top down and then pours it into his mug. He cracks his fingers in front of him by interlacing them with his palms facing outward. Each different action is punctuated by quick cuts to black.

The man continues writing in his outline. The page fills up quickly. When the page is full, he slides his laptop towards him and begins to type. Scenes cut in time with the music as he is seen typing, tapping a pen against his temple in contemplation, and crossing out items on his outline.

An aerial view of the mug is visible. A hand enters the shot and lifts the coffee mug out of frame. When the scene cuts again, it returns significantly less full. It cuts again quickly as the hand puts down the mug a second time. When he places it down a third time, the mug is completely empty.

The man’s eyes dart across his screen. Cuts get quicker to match the growing pace of the music. The man types quickly, but with more focus than before. The montage cuts to black.

A stringed instrument plays two quick notes in time with two clicks of the man’s mouse. The notes are played again, now in time with two precious hits of keys on the keyboard. The man’s eyes continue to dart across the screen.

The two-note phrase is repeated again. The man taps a pen rhythmically against his temple in time with the phrase.

The phone is seen displaying the time of 4:43. The man’s eyes widen. The music continues to get faster.

Another montage shows the man typing quickly, taking quick sips of coffee, and checking off items on his outline. The music gets faster and faster.

The phone is shown again, this time display the time as 4:58

The man gives one final, focused glance across his screen.

The frame is zoomed in on the “enter” key on the keyboard. The man’s extended index finger hits the key cap. The second the key is depressed, the final staccato note of the piece is played and the screen cuts to black.