Instructor Reflection – Super Speller (8.2)

By April Conway

Natissa’s essay for “Investigations from the Center” was already evocative. However, when she revised this essay for her multimodal composition, the essay was injected with even more life. I found “Super Speller” to be wonderfully playful, experimental, and exploratory. The conceit of trauma as framed by a spelling bee blossoms into a three-part narrative that is mysterious and yet completely satisfactory. Like other sophisticated writers, Natissa does not give her audience easy answers; rather, she lets us sit with the apprehensive sounds and images before us, and allows us to piece together fractured stories from her life and imagine our own grim conclusions.   

I also found that the audio components (voiceover, music, sound effects, and ambient noise) and video components (video, scrolling images, still images) created a wonderfully textured video.   

Because of her proficiency with multimodal literacy and her writerly acumen, I do not exaggerate when I say that Natissa’s “Super Speller” is one of my favorite student compositions.