Project Timeline – The One: Contagious Kindness (1.2)

Course – Writing, Research, and Technology
Instructor – Bill Wolff
School – Rowan University


Week 1
Class 1: Brief Introductions; introduction to the Flip Video camera; hand out the Flip video cameras; ask students to sign Student Agreement

Week 2
Class 2: Brief discussion of Studs Terkel’s techniques for beginning interviews; Short interviews of each other in class as a way to introduce themselves

Week 3
Class 3: Discuss Michael Wesch’s on “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” and Creative Commons; hand out “The One Movie” assignment
Class 4: Discuss students’ proposed questions and the assignment in more detail

Week 4
Class 5: Interviews due; debrief interviewing experience; introduce to iMovie and/or Windows Movie Maker while students experiment with the software by editing portions of their interview footage
Class 6: Work on “The One” videos in class

Week 6
Students work on drafts outside of class; project not really discussed.

Week 7
Class 9: “The One” rough drafts due on course YouTube channel; discuss rough drafts
Class 10: “The One” final drafts due on course YouTube channel